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I. Прочитайте текст, выберите вариант ответа (1,2,3 или 4), соответствующий содержанию прочитанного текста.


Marketing: of Sponsors and Sports


The social-events marketing has developed greatly over recent years. The has been a dramatic change in the tactics. Today more than 3,500 companies worldwide are participating in social-events marketing spending annually from $2 to $3 billion on sponsorship and support activities. For example, the organizers’ new World Basketball League was established, the organizers’ interest was mostly in rounding up corporate sponsors. They were given a chance to put their logos and commercial messages on team jerseys and arena floors.

Thus, at a basketball game the then Soviet team sprinted up and down the court in uniforms sporting the logo of the Russian vodka Stolichnaya, which Pepsi Co distributes in the USA. Their opponents, the Memphis Rockers, sported Fuji Film logos on the jerseys.

World’s biggest companies are involved in sponsorship packages with sports organizations today. Companies like Levi Strauss, Coca-Cola or IBM Corporation use sponsorship as a means to market their products worldwide. It seems that the globalization of communications will be followed shortly by the globalization of marketing programs. Sport events provide a beautiful opportunity for that. Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is the new sponsor of the Track and Field Federation of Germany. Among Japanese companies, Toshiba is a sponsor of the Tour de France bicycle ride.

Many big sport events are supplemented by additional special events that are smaller in scope. In this way, companies link their sales to a special event and stimulate the public to buy their product. Corporate tie-ins with nonprofit organizations and charities are proliferating. MasterCard, for instance, was the official credit card of World Cup in soccer in Italy in 1990. It donated a total of $58,000 to various charities around the world, based on selection by players who were chosen as most valuable players in each of the 52 matches.

Another medium for conveying a positive corporate image is the sponsoring of arts events. Eastman Kodak Company, Philip Morris, and Xerox Corporation rank among the leading sponsors of arts events. The list is widening to include banks and financial-service companies. Sponsorship is becoming a global industry.


1. Corporate sponsorship in sports is used as means to ….. .

1) round up more corporate sponsors

2) put company logos and commercial messages everywhere

3) market the sponsors’ products worldwide

4) conduct marketing experiments


2. Participating in sponsorship packages, nonprofit organizations and charities….

1) get bonuses for their employees

2) receive a good welcome at the Olympic Games

3) benefit a lot

4) are proliferating


3. Sponsorship of art events can help create ….. .

1) a global communications industry

2) a new system of global communications

3) some charities in developing countries

4) a positive corporate image of the sponsor


4. According to the text, it is NOT true that ….. .

1) world’s biggest companies are involved in direct sponsorship

2) Eastman Kodak Company is a sponsor of track and field events

3) more than 3,500 companies are doing socialevents marketing

4) Fuji Film is supporting sport organizations and sport events


II. Определите значение выделенного слова в тексте.

1. annually

1)yearly 2) sometimes     3) daily

2. link

1) presént      2) connect       3) include


III. Выберите правильный вариант перевода в соответствии с содержанием текста.


1.There has been a dramatic change in the tactics.

a) Произошли резкие изменения в тактике.

b) Произошли драматические изменения в тактике.

c) Там имели быть резкие изменения в тактике.


2. The globalization of communications will be followed by the globalization of marketing programs.

a) Глобализация коммуникаций вызовет глобализацию маркетинговых программ.

b) Вслед за глобализацией коммуникаций произойдет глобализация маркетинговых программ.

c) Превращение мира в единую информационную систему придаст маркетинговым программам глобальный характер.


3. Another medium for conveying a positive image is the sponsoring of arts events.

a) Другим средством передачи позитивного имиджа является спонсирование артистических мероприятий.

b) Еще одним средством формирования положительного имиджа является спонсирование мероприятий в области искусства.

c) Другим средством передачи положительного образа компании выступает финансирование культурных мероприятий.


IV. Выберите слово или фразу, соответствующую содержанию предложения.

1. From $2 to $3 billion _____ on sponsorship annually by major companies worldwide.

1) are spending     2) is spent    3) are spent     4) is spending

2. IBM Corporation uses sponsorship as _____ to market products.

1) a means   2) a mean   3) means     4) meaning

3. The globalization of marketing _____ the globalization of communications.

1) will be followed   2) will follow    3) will be follow   4) will followed

4. Company sales _____ to some special events.

1) are linked    2) linked     3) link     4) links

5. A positive corporate image _____ by various media.

1) can be conveyed               3) should convey

2) may be conveyed              4) must be conveyed



V. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Did she ….. at this problem?

1) worked     2) works     3) work     4) working

2. Is….. an examination now?

1) taken     2) taking     3) takes     4) take

3. She said that she ….. the article next month.

1) will write     2) wrote     3) would write     4) had written

4. He knows English well. He ….. translate this article.

1) can   2) has   3) will have   4) is able

5. I ….. to finish this work yesterday.

1) may   2) had   3) could   4) able

6. He doesn’t ….. at this faculty.

1) studies   2) study   3) studied   4) studying

7. Он сказал, что они обычно обсуждают такие проблемы на собраниях.

1) discuss     2) discussed     3) have discussed

8. Have you ….. books on your speciality?

1) anything     2) some     3) any

9. How many exams …..this year?

1) have you taken     2) you took     3) you have taken     4) did you take

10. She ….. this book already.

1) read     2) has read     3) reads     4) is reading

11. He ….. a letter when I came in.

1) wrote     2) writing     3) was writing     4) was written

12. The teaching of Statistics ….. according to the syllabus.

1) arranged     2) is arranged     3) arranges

13. The authorities of the University ….. school hours almost equally between lectures and practical studies.

1) are divided     2) have been divided     3) divided

14. The undergraduates ….. general education subjects as well as special subjects.

1) are studied     2) study     3) have been studied

15. The young manager proved ….. a good organizer.

1) is      2) be       3) to be

16. The work ….. next week is of great interest.

1) finish     2) to be finished     3) be finished

17. They expect you ….. the goods promptly.

1) to deliver       2) deliver       3) delivers

18. Market oil

1) рынок нефти         2) нефть, поступающая на рынок

19. We’ve had to ….. the meeting until next Monday.

1) cancel      2) postpone

20. My bank manager has agreed to ….. me another $2,000.

1) borrow     2) lend

21. Please send precise ….. when ordering.

1) measurements     2) measures

22. As soon as an item of stock falls below its minimum ….., the computer automatically re-orders.

1) standard     2) level     3) grade     4) position

23. Often a discount is offered as an ….. to get a customer to pay promptly.

1) investment     2) incentive     3) interim     4) inventory

24. Remember that was only an ….. . The final cost could be higher.

1) enquiry     2) estimate     3) encouragement     4) engagement

25. Check the ….. note and see that you’ve got everything.

1) deliver     2) delivered     3) delivery     4) delivering

26. When ordering, please quote the ….. .

1) numbered catalogue     2) catalogue     3) figure catalogue     4) number

27. I’ve just received an ….. note telling me that the goods have been dispatched.

1) advice     2) advise     3) invoice     4) advisory

28. Every month account customers are sent a ….. .

1) final demand     2) statement     3) request     4) stocktaking

29. In the UK, VAT (value added tax) is a tax on goods and ….. .

1) services     2) servants     3) stockings     d) stockists

30. By mistake we have undercharged her so we’ll have to send her a ….. note for the amount.

1) debt     2) credit     3) debit     4) credit-worthy

31. If you take the sweater back to the shop they’ll want to see the ….. to show you bought it there.

1) receipt     2) reception     3) permit     4) quotation

32. It’s a  ….. market at the moment so you should be able to pick some up at a reasonable price.

1) open     2) free     3) buyer’s     4) seller’s

33. The market has reached ….. point so we need to concentrate on finding new products.

1) full     2) saturation     3) filling     4) boiling

34. We hope that business will ….. when the tourist season starts.

1) set off     2) get up     3) pick up     4) pick off

35. You’ll probably find furniture polish among the ….. goods.

1) house     2) housing     3) household     4) housewife

36. They’ve pulled down the old market and built a shopping ….. .

1) premises     2) precinct     3) franchise     4) retailer

37. Он написал письмо, когда я пришел.

1) He had written a letter when I came.

2) He was written a letter when I came.

3) He was going to write a letter when I came.

38. Вы изучаете медицину?.

1) Do you study medicine?     2) Have you studied medicine?

2) Can you study medicine?

39. We know nothing of the opinion he has.

1) Мы ничего не знаем о нем.       2) У нас нет о нем никакого мнения.

3)Мы ничего не знаем о том мнении, которое у него есть.

40. We thought he knew the address.

1) Мы думали, он узнал адрес.     2) Мы думали, он знает адрес.

3) Мы думали, он узнает адрес.

41. Information about the things people need will help firms to decide what to produce.

1) Люди помогут фирмам решить, что производить.

2) Информация поможет людям решить, какие вещи нужно производить.

3) Информация о вещах, которые нужны людям, поможет фирмам решить, что производить.

42. She would be able to find a better job if she knew English.

1) Она найдет лучшую работу, если будет знать английский.

2) Она может найти лучшую работу, если знает английский.

3) Она могла бы найти лучшую работу, если бы знала английский.

43. Algorithmic languages are used for programming economic problems.

1) Алгоритмические языки используются для программирования экономических задач.

2) В экономических задачах используют алгоритмические языки.

3) Для экономических задач в программировании используют алгоритмические языки.

44. We believe his conclusion to be wrong.

1) Мы считаем, что его заключение ошибочно.

2) Мы верим ему, что это заключение ошибочно.

3) Мы верим его заключению, что это неверно.

45. The agreement is likely to affect trade between member countries.

1) Говорят, что соглашение повлияло на торговлю между странами.

2) Похоже, что соглашение влияет на торговлю между странами.

46. We know the USSR to be the first country to send man into space.

1) СССР первым послал человека в космос.

2) Мы знаем, что СССР был первой страной, пославшей человека в космос.

47. Оказывается, что эта политика изменяет структуру импорта.

1) This policy is changing the composition of imports.

2) They say this policy is changing the composition of imports.

3) This policy appears to be changing the composition of imports.

48. Having installed the new computer we obtained the results of the calculations quicker.

1) установив новый компьютер

2) после установленного нового компьютера

3) после устанавливаемого нового компьютера

4) за установкой нового компьютера

49. The buyers found that the goods ….. all their requirements.

1) met      2) meet      3) have met

VI. В каждом предложении заполните пропуск словом, образованным от указанного в скобках.

1. I bought my DVD-player when the prices were ….. (reduction).

2. What exactly is the amount of your ….. (to earn) every year?

3. This factory is not really ….. (profit).


VII. Прочитайте текст. Заполните каждый из пропусков только одним словом, подходящим по смыслу.


The company takes ….. another company by buying the majority of shares, or stock in that company. The company ….. bought the most shares will become ….. largest shareholder.